Time is the greatest gift you can give.

In Italy – where we’re from – the most important part of the dining experience is the people you’re with. We believe in those deep in-the-moment interactions; the laughter, the warmth, the happiness, the stories, the simple human connection…

Those are what make a dining experience incredible, the food, the place, the ambiance is what makes it possible. – Viola, Federico & Phil

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    Italian hospitality in Arizona:  In the heart of Cave Creek, when you walk in our doors, you’re joining our family.

    We provide you the space to enjoy quality time with the ones you care about while enjoying authentic Italian grill & seafood victuals with a robust one-of-a-kind cocktail program!

    In a world that’s go-go-go every minute, we give you room to enjoy the moment. Our family can’t wait to host yours soon!

    The Kitchen

    Recipes from our Italian families come to life in this historic southwest building. Enjoy a multi-course experience of salads, steak, seafood and pasta from our Executive Chef Viola Tagliaferri.  Italy-imported cured meats, specialty cheeses and olive oils allow us to showcase our favorite Italian flavors with our Cave Creek Family. 

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    The Bar

    Our beverage program will feature a craft cocktail list of prohibition era-inspired cocktails from Roman Khomoutinnikov.

    A late-night selection of classic cocktails served Friday & Saturday from 9pm-midnight at the bar is a stimulus for great conversation and a perfect wind-down.

    Our Italian floor sommelier will guide diners through our global wine list including 70% Italian bottles!

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