• Dessert with cream and fruit
  • Pasta with tomato sauce, spices and meat
  • Clams with sauce and spices

Pomodoro Italian
Grill & Seafood

About us

Meet Our Owners

Created by owners Phil Igneri, and the husband and wife team, Federico Venturini and Chef Viola Tagliaferri, Pomodoro is more than a fancy Italian restaurant. It represents our owners’ passionate desire to share their deep-rooted Italian heritage and authentic Italian hospitality with the Cave Creek community!

Every aspect of the dining experience, from decor to imported Italian ingredients, to the cocktail menu, has been meticulously crafted to provide a warm and welcoming experience that immerses you at the moment and allows you to enjoy those that you cherish the most.

From Italy to Cave Creek

Originally hailing from the town of Gualdo Tadino, Italy, Federico, “Freddy,” and Viola is inspired by the American Dream. For them, the American Dream is so much more than a romantic phrase popularized by movies, TV shows, and other media; it’s the tangible opportunity to create a life of fulfillment and prosperity, available to whoever chooses to pursue it with hard work, persistence, and passion.

Prior to Freddy and Viola moving to the US in 2018, Freddy made several trips from Italy to the US to get a better understanding of American culture, its economy, and the small business landscape. As fate had it, he met Phil, a local business owner of 30 years, on one of his trips to Arizona.

What started off as acquaintances, blossomed into a strong, personal friendship between the two. Phil, with Italian roots of his own, embarked on an exploration to discover his own Sicilian heritage. As Freddy and Viola hosted Phil for a summer in Italy; their tour of the countryside and experiences on the family farm created a partnership that we now experience tableside in Cave Creek.

In 2019

The owners opened Pizzicata, an Italian Pizzeria, to serve the Carefree and Cave Creek community with a true taste of authentic Italian Pinsa

In 2020

One year later - Pomodoro is born to offer an elevated Italian cuisine in Arizona.

Dining: Exceptional, Elevated

Our menu features authentic Italian pasta dishes and entrees of Terre e Mare (Land & Sea); Chef Viola brings in a heavy dose of traditional Italian recipes passed down through generations from her family in Italy.

To provide an immersive Italian experience, we import olive oil from our family’s olive farm, source cured meats straight from Italy, and utilize local in-season vegetables. As Italians, we take pride in tradition, the highest quality ingredients, and using dinner time as an opportunity to slow down and appreciate the finer things in life.

An Enchanting Beverage Experience

The uniqueness of our food menu is complemented by a beverage program that takes a similarly unique yet classic approach to cocktails. Crafted and honed by Pomodoro’s bar manager, Roman Khomoutinnikov, the menu transports you to the era of each classic cocktail to create a memorable and distinctive experience.

Our beverage program also features a global fine wine list with over 70% from regions within Italy! Not sure which one to pick? Pomodoro has a floor sommelier that can help guide you through your evening from wine preferences to pairings.

When Federico and Viola first moved from Italy to Cave Creek in 2018, they were inspired by the friendliness and warmth of the community; so inspired in fact that they created Pomodoro to be a space where community relationships could be further nurtured and strengthened through authentic food, sophisticated cocktails, fine wine, and world-class Italian hospitality! We’re thrilled to host you soon!