Craft Cocktails

Eau-de-vie Spritz 12

Folle Blanche grape notes take the lead in this spritz reminiscent of grappa. Topped with a fortified white wine
and a vibrant prosecco.

Coco Chanel Cosmo 14

Flavors encompassing Russia, South Africa, and Japan drive this contemporary Cosmopolitan. Semi-sweet palate with nuanced undertones of elderflower, cream, dried cherries and citrus and a vibrant prosecco.

Round Cut ‘tinis: 14

A classic gin martini with subtle hints of
coriander + toasted grain, complemented by
spherified fresh cucumber.

And our cocktail with creamy wheat, vanilla, and almond notes, paired with a mild zest of
golden beets.

Capone’s Manhattan 13

Our riff on the classic Manhattan with a high rye whiskey and cardamom-heavy Montenegro amaro. Complete with flamed orange oils for a bruleed cream aroma and a vibrant prosecco.

Viola Vesper 12

Stir, stir, stirred! Never shaken. We will right Bond's folly.

Gotta Be Ilegal 12

Earthy, smoky flavors of mezcal enlivened with tartness of fresh rhubarb and
herbal finishing notes of chartreuse: for those skeptical of mezcal's character!

Pomodoro Sour 14

Sloe berries shack with a campfire aroma of barreled bourbon in this sour. Capped with a rich, herbal foam and a touch of citrus and a vibrant prosecco.

Vecchio Negroni 15

Malty Genever and a union of rhubarb amari give this cocktail flavors of both Negroni, and its successor, Boulevardier. Smoked
with equally malty bergamot oil-infused oak, this is for Negroni and Boulevardier enthusiasts.

Priest's Meadow Punch 12

For those with an appetite for tropical flavors. Mellow notes of smoke, chile, honeyed mango.

Of All The Gin Joints 12

Very approachable, malty gin complete with bright dry vermouth. Aromatic citrus with powdery texture finish.

Chocolate Almonds 12

For those on the fringes of society who like to drink their dessert.

Absinthe Ritual (bar only) 11


Night Caps 12


Campari • Dolin Rouge • Soda


Cocchi Rosa • Zonin Prosecco • Soda

Spritz Veneziano

Aperol • Zonin Prosecco • Soda


Prosecco • St. Germain • Soda • Mint

Il Cardinale

Bloom Gin • Dolin Blanc • Campari

Viaux Carre

Benedictine • Sazerac Rye • Janneau Armagnac • Antica • Carpano • Peychaud's & Angostura Bitters

Paper Plane

Buffalo Trace • Aperol • Amaro Nonino •
Lemon Juice • Simple Syrup


Sazerac Rye • Herbsaint Spray • Angostura & Peychaud's Bitters • Simple Syrup


Gordon's Gin • Stoli • Lillet Blanc


Gunpowder Gin • Maraschino Liqueur • Crème de Violette • Lemon Juice • Lux Cherry


High West Double Rye • Antica Carpano • Campari • Orange Peel

Black Manhattan

Redemption Rye • Averna Amaro • Angostura & Chocolate Bitters

Old Pal

Rittenhouse Rye • Dolin Blanc • Campari

Bees Knees

Plymouth Gin • Local Honey • Lemon Juice

Between the Sheets

Angostura White Oak Rum • Martell • Cointreau • Lemon Juice

Last Word

Hendricks Gin • Maraschino Liqueur • Green Chartreuse • Lime Juice


Plymouth Gin • Dolin Blanc • Maraschino Liqueur • Herbsaint Spray • Lemon Peel

Rob Roy

Monkey Shoulder • Carpano Antica • Angostura Bitters • Lux Cherry

Corpse Reviver No. 2

Bloom Gin • Cointreau • Cocchi • Americano • Lemon Juice

French 75

Hendrick’s Gin • Lemon Juice • Simple Syrup • Brut


Redwood Empire Rye • Grand Marnier • Lemon Juice

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